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Practice Manager

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Judy was a client of Dr. Bowen’s long before she became an employee. She was especially struck by the way Dr. Bowen and his team offered her own beloved dog compassionate and selfless care during particularly difficult times—when the opportunity arose for her to use her management background as a member of the hospital team, Judy jumped at the chance! She was the team’s Practice Manager from 2004 until the end of 2017. Judy transitioned into her new role as bookkeeper in January 2018 to spend more time with her family.

Judy grew up here in Georgia on a 40-acre farm. She began her career as a dental assistant and also previously served as a Business Office Manager for a pair of ambulatory surgery centers, juggling her career while also becoming her grandson’s legal guardian in the summer of 2003. Shortly afterward, Judy decided to make a change to allow more time to focus on her family—that’s when she jumped headfirst into the veterinary world and became part of The Ark Animal Hospital family!

In her spare time, Judy enjoys camping, baking, reading, working in her yard, completing home-improvement projects, and spending time with her family. Along with her husband of more than 30 years and their two grandsons, Judy shares her home with three wonderful dogs and a cat.

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Client Care Lead

Angel has felt an instinct to nurture those in need ever since she was a young girl, whether it was a family member, a stranger, or a stray animal. For her, working as a veterinary professional offers the best of both worlds—she gets to tend to the pets she loves while making a true difference in the lives of the area’s families!

Originally from Paulding County, Angel previously worked in a childcare center before entering the field of veterinary medicine. She heard from The Ark Animal Hospital’s very own Judy that a position had opened here at the clinic—Angel didn’t waste any time. It was only a few weeks later that she was hired on as a member of the hospital family! She’s been here since 2005 and now serves as the reception staff’s Team Leader. Angel especially likes helping to bring new puppies and kittens into the world, and she’s passionate about keeping things in order behind the scenes to help the hospital run smoothly day in and day out.

Angel enjoys spending her free time away from the office reading great books and spending time with her family and dog at home. She and her husband, Chris, have two wonderful daughters named Abby and Carly, and the family shares their lives with Skye the German Shepherd.

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Client Care Specialist

Ashley has adored pets ever since she was a little girl, but she had never considered working in the veterinary care field. When the opportunity arose for her to help pets hands-on as a member of The Ark Animal Hospital team, she didn’t hesitate—Ashley has been hooked ever since! She’s proud to serve the area’s pet owners as a Client Care Specialist.

Ashley’s favorite part of her job is the learning opportunity that it provides to her every day. For her, no two shifts are ever quite the same! She also loves the family atmosphere of the clinic and enjoys helping pets alongside her skilled and compassionate coworkers.

At home, Ashley and her boyfriend, Nick, have four beautiful animal companions of their own: a pair of cats, Sailor and Jon Snow; a dog named Gypsy; and a dog named Louie who was adopted from right here at The Ark Animal Hospital!

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Client Care Specialist

Harriett has had a soft spot for animals her entire life; for her, nothing beats being able to do her part to improve their health and well-being. Now, she’s been serving pets and animal owners as one of The Ark Animal Hospital’s talented receptionists for over 16 years!

Harriett has worked here at the hospital since 2001, when she first started bringing her own pets to see Dr. Bowen. She’s been a member of the clinic family ever since! Harriett’s favorite part of the job is interacting one-on-one with clients who visit the hospital.

At home, Harriett and her family live with a few pets of their own. She shares her life with an adorable Pitbull, Coleman, as well as two Yorkies named Brody and Lucy Cole.

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Client Care Specialist

As a little girl, Jodie would constantly bring home injured or stray animals and do her best to nurse them back to health or find them a home. Her fascination with animal care has persisted to this day—she’s now been a pet-care professional for more than 17 years! Jodie is proud to help the pets and animal owners of this area as a front-desk receptionist here at the clinic.

Jodie is a Georgia native and first applied for a kennel assistant position to get her foot in the door of the veterinary world. She’s been in the business ever since! After hearing about an open position here at The Ark Animal Hospital from a friend of hers, Jodie was happy to join the team in February of 2005.

Away from work, Jodie likes reading and writing, drawing, and spending quality time with her family. She and her husband have four daughters and three beautiful grandchildren, and also share their home with a pair of dogs and four cats.

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Client Care Specialist

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Client Care Specialist

Lydia has had a soft spot in her heart for animals ever since she can remember, and she knew that she wanted to spend her days helping others. Why not combine her passion for customer service and her adoration of animals, Lydia thought, by working as a veterinary professional? As a member of The Ark Animal Hospital’s talented front-desk team, she gets to better the lives of pets and owners every single day!

A Georgia native, Lydia joined The Ark Animal Hospital family in the early fall of 2018 and serves as a Client Care Specialist. She couldn’t be happier to advance her knowledge and skill set in clerical work and customer service while learning more and more about animal care at the same time. Lydia’s favorite part of her job is helping pet owners make the best decisions for their companions’ care, and she also loves to dote on visiting puppies and kittens.

When she’s not here at the hospital, Lydia enjoys making art, relaxing in the great outdoors, and spending time with her family and pets at home. She has two house cats: Cotton, who loves to drink water directly from the kitchen faucet; and Tigger, whose favorite pastime is harassing Cotton every chance he gets.

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Animal Care Lead

Becca grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where she constantly brought home stray animals to nurse back to full health. Ever since she can remember, she’s wanted to serve as a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Becca feels fortunate and proud to better the lives of pets daily as a member of The Ark Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team!

Becca attended Bowling Green State University to study biology, launching her veterinary career at the same time by signing on as a Kennel Technician at a nearby animal hospital. By the time she received her degree, she was working as a full-time Veterinary Technician. Becca moved from Ohio to Georgia in the fall of 2016, and joined The Ark Animal Hospital family as a Veterinary Assistant early the following year.

Around the clinic, Becca likes working hands-on with pets and particularly enjoys the treatment and surgery aspect of the job. Most of all, she loves to see the results of her hard work in the form of a happy, healthy animal companion!

When she isn’t caring for pets here at the hospital, Becca can be found spending time at home with her beautiful young daughter.

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Veterinary Assistant

Lanette can’t remember a time when she didn’t adore the company of pets. For her, caring for animals as a veterinary professional is a way of life! She serves pets and their owners as one of The Ark Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Technicians.

Lanette is originally from Mableton and began her animal-care journey just out of high school at a clinic in Powder Springs. She’s been caring for pets professionally ever since—in total, Lanette has served as a Veterinary Technician for nearly 30 years! She joined The Ark Animal Hospital family in December of 2012.

When time permits away from work, Lanette enjoys camping and hiking in the great outdoors and spending quality time with her family. She and her teenaged son share their lives with two dogs, a cat, and three pet birds.

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Veterinary Assistant

Meagan is a pet owner herself—the importance of the connections we share with our animal companions is not lost on her. Devoting her time to improving the lives of both pets and their loving owners is a dream come true! Meagan is a proud member of The Ark Animal Hospital’s kennel team.

A Georgia native, Meagan joined the hospital family in the fall of 2017 and has been tending to the clinic’s boarding pets ever since. She makes it her mission to ensure that each and every visitor receives the best care possible and remains comfortable throughout their time here—Meagan’s favorite part of her work is getting to know pet owners and their adorable companions personally!

At home, Meagan shares her life with two dogs: Milo, a loveable Great Dane, and a rescued Shepherd mix from Waco, Texas named Abner.

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Veterinary Assistant

Samantha stumbled across the field of veterinary medicine by happy accident—while looking for a job after college, she secured an interview for an open Veterinary Assistant positon. It didn’t take Samantha long to realize that her lifelong passion for animals and her interest in medicine made veterinary care the perfect choice of career! She now gets to tend to pets every day as a member of The Ark Animal Hospital team.

Samantha grew up overseas thanks to her mother’s career in the United States Navy. Her veterinary journey began when she signed on at a small family animal clinic; next, she moved to a larger hospital with the same doctor. After several years helping pets there, Samantha felt the need for a change—that’s when she joined the team here at The Ark Animal Hospital. One of her favorite parts of the job is performing dental cleanings because of the attention to detail that’s required, and she also loves to educate clients about the importance of vaccination and heartworm preventatives.

At home, Samantha and her fiancé live with two loveable dogs, Athena and Chloe. When she isn’t spending time with her own pets or tending to the needs of animals here at the hospital, Samantha enjoys crafting, reading, and hiking. So far, her most memorable hiking experience involved trekking three hours to the top of Mount Etna in Italy—getting to see lava and snow mixing in the volcano’s crater made the journey well worth it!

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Veterinary Assistant

Tami remembers dreaming of helping animals professionally when she was a little girl, doing everything in her power to help pets live happier, healthier lives with their loving families. When she secured her first job in a veterinary clinic, she knew that she’d found the perfect choice of career! She’s now a proud member of The Ark Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Tami is originally from Ellijay, Georgia, where she showed hogs and horses throughout her high-school career. Her veterinary journey began at a small animal practice in Canton, where she signed on as a Kennel Assistant and worked her way up to a Veterinary Assistant position. When Tami bought a home in Rockmart with her boyfriend, she started looking for a new opportunity. It wasn’t long before she joined The Ark Animal Hospital family, and she’s been tending to the area’s pets and animal owners here ever since! Tami has particular passions for helping with surgeries and doting on visiting puppies and kittens.

Away from work, Tami can be found camping, gardening, or spending quality time with her family and pets. She and her boyfriend share their home with three dogs—Dixie, Polaris, and Ellie Mae—as well as a cat, 12 fish, and four chickens who go by T-Rex, Dolly, Loretta, and Louise.

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Veterinary Assistant

Heather is a Cobb County native, where she grew up working on farms; she’s always wanted to learn more about the care that our animal companions require. For her, being able to play a part in the healing process for pets is a dream come true! Heather is a proud member of The Ark Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Heather’s veterinary journey started when she began shadowing Dr. Bowen here at the hospital to gain hands-on experience in the world of animal care. She then secured a summer job helping out in the kennels before transitioning into the medical side of the clinic to supplement her animal-science studies at Berry College. Heather has special interests in pathology and surgical work, but her favorite part of her job is getting to form relationships with the area’s pets and animal parents.

Heather is currently training at two equine facilities with hopes of earning a spot on the Berry College equestrian team, and also sits on the Board of Directors at an equine therapeutic center that specializes in emotional and mental health, addiction treatment, and recovery sources for Georgia families. When she isn’t on horseback, studying, or caring for pets here at the hospital, Heather likes spending quality time with her family and animal companions at home. She has two dogs—Jupiter and Tate—as well as a pair of cats named Ying and Angel; Mushu the Betta fish; and a hermit crab who goes by Mr. Crabs.

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Jamie W.

Veterinary Assistant

Jamie’s passion for animal care has persisted since childhood—for her, another choice of career simply wouldn’t make sense. She’s been working hands-on with animals all her life, and is happy to continue her journey as a member of The Ark Animal Hospital’s talented care team!

A native of Paulding County, Jamie was only 15 years old when she started working at a local grooming salon. (She still works there occasionally when she’s not tending to pets here at the hospital!) In the summer of 2015, she joined The Ark Animal Hospital team as a member of the kennel staff—within six months, she was receiving on-the-job training to become a Veterinary Assistant.

Jamie’s favorite part of her job is interacting directly with the area’s loving pet owners and their beloved companions. She’s also fond of learning new care techniques on a daily basis and passing that knowledge on to animal parents.

Jamie has two grown sons and a pair of wonderful grandsons, as well as another grandbaby on the way. At home, she shares her life with one pet: a dog named Labam.

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Veterinary Assistant

As a little girl growing up in Marietta, Georgia, Jessie was constantly trying to take in stray animals and help injured critters she would come across. Her passion simply didn’t quit! She’s known that she wanted to help pets professionally ever since she was young—Jessie continues to live her dream as a member of The Ark Animal Hospital family and has now worked in the veterinary field for 16 fulfilling years.

Jessie began her veterinary career as a bather and Kennel Assistant. After a year, she transitioned into the examination rooms, where she learned the ropes of drawing blood and running laboratory tests. It didn’t take long for her to realize that her passion lay in the medical side of the animal-care world. Jessie has been a Veterinary Assistant ever since—she joined The Ark Animal Hospital team in March of 2016 and couldn’t be happier. She’s currently enrolled at Penn Foster College and will earn her Veterinary Technician’s license in the very near future!

When time permits between work and her school studies, Jessie likes to read, hunt and fish, swim, and spend time with her family and pets at home. She has a daughter named Evelynn and a son named Nathaniel, and the family shares their home with four dogs—Mommy Dog, Ruby, Sadie, and Darly—as well as a pair of cats who go by Popcorn and Danica.

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Veterinary Assistant

Like any veterinary professional, Jade has adored animals ever since her childhood years. What she finds most rewarding about her job, though, is the opportunity it provides to help educate and inform the public—Jade loves knowing that her animal-care knowledge is passed on in order to help the area’s pets! She’s a proud member of The Ark Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Jade is a Georgia native, raised in Douglasville and Winston. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in biology from Georgia State University, then launched her veterinary journey as a Kennel Technician at an animal hospital in Midtown. She would help pets at clinics in Atlanta, Villa Rica, and Carrollton before moving to Powder Springs in the fall of 2017. Jade was thrilled to join The Ark Animal Hospital family the following spring, and she’s been here ever since!

In her time away from the office, Jade enjoys spending quality time with family, cooking, reading, catching up on her favorite television shows or movies, drawing and painting, and practicing her interior design skills.

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Veterinary Assistant

Amanda originally attended Auburn University to earn a degree in interior design, taking a part-time job at a nearby veterinary clinic during her studies. It wasn’t long before she realized something: she had found her true passion! Amanda decided to change direction and pursue veterinary medicine full-time—she’s been in the animal-care field ever since.

Amanda is from Marietta, Georgia and has been working her way up in the veterinary profession ever since her first job during college. Now, she’s a Veterinary Technician with The Ark Animal Hospital team—Amanda loves continuing to learn new things and being challenged on a daily basis. Her favorite part of the job is getting to provide comfort to the area’s families!
At home, Amanda has two pets of her own: Trooper, a rescued dog who Amanda adopted during her college years, and her cat, Riku.
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Jamie S.

Kennel Technician

Jamie’s mother used to work as a kennel assistant and veterinary assistant, and she’s always wanted to follow in her footsteps and do her part to better the lives of animals. Here at The Ark Animal Hospital, she gets to do just that! Jamie serves as one of the clinic’s Kennel Technicians and resident cat lady.

Jamie moved to Georgia recently and became a member of The Ark Animal Hospital team shortly afterward. She finds that her favorite part of the job is getting to connect personally with the animals she cares for, and she’s especially fond of helping nervous animals feel more comfortable. For Jamie, being surrounded by pets on a daily basis proves quite relaxing!

Most of Jamie’s time away from work is spent around animals as well. She has five rescued pets of her own at home—a Chihuahua named John and four lovable cats—and also gives her time to fostering efforts and freelance animal rescue work.

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Kristy has always had a creative streak, and she’s adored animals ever since she can remember. What better way to combine her artistic sensibilities and her love of pets than by serving as a professional pet groomer? Kristy is proud to help the pets of the area look their absolute best as a member of The Ark Animal Hospital team.

Kristy is a Georgia native and began her career at a local pet supply store 16 years ago. Through her work there, she was able to attend grooming school and receive her professional certifications. Now, she’s a proud member of The Ark Animal Hospital family and particularly loves meeting new clientele—four-and two-legged!—on a daily basis.

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Jennifer J.


Jennifer has always wanted to help others in need, and being able to make pets look and feel better is the perfect way for her to do just that. For Jennifer, using her creative talents as a professional pet groomer is a dream come true!

Jennifer is originally from New Bern, North Carolina but moved to Kennesaw with her family when she was only three years old. Her pet-care career began when she signed on as a bather at a local pet store—nine months later, she was promoted to a grooming position. Jennifer has been grooming pets professionally ever since! Now, she’s a proud member of The Ark Animal Hospital’s care team.

At home, Jennifer and her son share their lives with two pets, Aggie and Chloe.

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